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A trip to the Outer Hebrides

My father Bob Rudd is a landscape painter who often travels to Scotland in search of subjects. In recent years, I have been going to Scotland with him to take photographs.

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A few months ago we were asked to get involved with a new look for the fast-growing online department store

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We help to launch FS Silas

Fontsmith are about to release a lovely new typeface family called FS Silas. Working as part of the new creative collective The Space Between, we have made a series of short movies which form part of the launch campaign.

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Circular Composition no. 3

Matt Rudd Art

There is now an online gallery of my photographic artworks. You can order limited edition, signed prints.

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Rudd Studio in Dynamic Logo

Our work has found its way into this rather lovely book from Dopress Books. It looks at the trend in branding towards logos which shift and change.

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Matt speaks at Aspire 2013 in Antwerp

Last week Matt was invited to speak at the Aspire Programme 2013, an event taking place in Antwerp for creatives from different design disciplines from across Belgium. The event explored leadership and business growth in the 21st Century.

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