ITV Network Rebrand

I like brands and artworks which have a big, simple idea at their core. The point at which this project got exciting was when I got my new ITV logo design to ‘pick colours’ from its environment. The brand was suddenly all about the joy of colour.

For this project I was invited to lead a pop-up team to develop a completely new concept for the network’s brand identity. A group of fifteen creatives was formed from myself and my collaborators, along with designers and producers from ITV’s own creative department.

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Artworks Which Colour-Pick like ITV

I was excited about the way that the colour-picking ITV logo behaved. I wanted to make artworks which used my photographs and mixed in colour-picking shapes and patterns. As I worked, I was thinking of the art of Bridget Riley, Gerhard Richter, Jackson Pollock and Ansel Adams.

My friend and collaborator Steve Jones created bespoke software which, with all sorts of adjustable parameters, could create large numbers of dots or lines, each one picking colour from the image.

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Framestore Rebrand

Sometimes a rebrand requires a light touch. In this case, we kept the icon which had formed part of the previous identity, and put it in a new setting.

We conceptualised and delivered this brand design project in its entirety. After a thorough and collaborative process where we explored the right amount of transformation, we created a full range of print materials, signage, merchandise, and a comprehensive style guide.

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Relief Artworks

It’s hard to take photographs of the landscape in a way that hasn’t been done really well before. My search for a new approach led me to experiment with the addition of non-photographic elements.

Like the dot and line artworks, these pieces involve shapes which colour-pick from the photographs. The shapes are physical relief sections which are glued to the photographic prints. I had the relief artworks of Ben Nicholson in mind when I was working on these.

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Red Arrow Studios Identity

Logo ideas for an entertainment group have to be fun. We showed a few routes to our client. The winning concept is based on a slinky.

We conceptualised and delivered this brand design project in its entirety. After a thorough and collaborative process to develop the idea, we delivered a full range of print materials, logo animations, an extensive website and a comprehensive style guide.

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It is great to step back from making things and focus on the big picture for a brand. I got this opportunity when I worked with the St Lukes agency to re-think the TV and print branding for

My role here was as a brand thinker, chatting through the challenges with creatives at St Lukes and the client, and proposing big, simple ideas.

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Channel 4 Identity 2010 to 2015

I always look for simple, appropriate ideas. This identity was all about seeing things from different angles, like the Cubists did a hundred years ago, and like Channel 4 do now.

I was asked to develop new on-screen presentation for Channel 4. I came up with the Cubist approach and showed the idea with my own animations. I got the go-ahead and worked with my collaborators Oscar Gonzalez and Sylvie Minois to produce the final animations.

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Artworks With Words

Some people want art to move them in an intellectual way and others are more concerned with aesthetics and beauty. I wanted these artworks to work in both ways. The photographs of nature are all about beauty, whilst I hope the words, which are moments from songs I have written, provoke curiosity. What do these words mean? What is the relationship between the words and the images?

Interesting side note – the typeface is FS St James, which is part of the Fontsmith’s Lost and Foundry project, where typography found in London’s Soho was lovingly crafted into digital fonts.

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Magazine Article about Milton Glaser

They say don’t meet your heroes, but I can fully recommend it. My meeting with Milton Glaser left me inspired and encouraged. He showed me that graphic design and art can be excellent bedfellows.

Knowing about my interest in Glaser, Jason Smith (founder of the type foundry Fontsmith) asked me to write an article for the second edition of his TypeNotes magazine. My article formed part of a series celebrating the design heroes of the original Mad Men era.

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Hera Pictures Logo

Sometimes I get asked to design a logo rather than a whole identity, and this is great. When designing this logo for a new production company, there was time for good face-to-face chats with the client, lots of research and thinking, and finally careful crafting.

I worked largely on my own on this project, but in the model of the ITV logo design process, my friends at type foundry Fontsmith crafted the final drawing of the logo.

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