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Fontsmith are about to release a lovely new typeface family called FS Silas. It has been created in both Sans Serif and Slab Serif forms. Believe in® have developed a beautiful launch campaign which uses the visual and verbal language of espionage as a metaphor for the hidden qualities of the font.

Working as part of the new creative collective The Space Between, we have made a series of short movies which form part of the launch campaign. Four movies have been released over four days. Each video was designed to feel like an intercepted message, revealing an element of the overall story. In the first movie you get ‘Fontsmith’. In the second ‘FS Silas’. In the third ‘10th June 2015’ and in the final movie you get all these messages together.

Working in Adobe Flash Builder and After Effects, we created energetic sequences that showcased the different weights and styles of FS Silas. These were edited to a click track, using a chevron motif and a recurring yellow block to draw things together. The soundtrack combines recordings of shortwave Number Stations with noise grooves from a vintage Roland SH-101 and other synth sources and effects.

The four movies were designed to work separately and together. Below they are shown as one sequence. For more information on this project, read The Space Between blog post: How to make a movie trailer for a typeface.

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