After studying at Central Saint Martins and The Royal College of Art in London, designer Matt Rudd set up his London studio in 2002 in order to bring an artistic sensibility to commercial projects. A relationship with the UK’s Channel 4 helped to make this possible from the very beginning of the studio’s life, and other great creative relationships in the UK and abroad have followed.

Matt is a great believer in collaboration. He thinks of his studio’s relationships with clients as collaborations, and he thinks of his circle of creative associates (designers, animators, musicians, developers, strategists, producers) as collaborators. He finds that a spirit of lively, enjoyable teamwork leads to the best results.

In a world where people are informed and entertained in endlessly evolving ways, we at Rudd Studio believe that good ideas are platform agnostic. At the same time, we are excited by the growing possibilities of code and software. New technologies are leading to some very interesting conversations in the studio and with clients, where the hard and fast rules of branding are being questioned.

The studio’s artistic approach to commercial work is underpinned by personal artistic practice. You can see Matt’s photography-based artworks here.