Blog / We are loving our logo on French telly

The Quotidien logo showing video imagery
The Quotidien logo showing video imagery

It’s been great to see our logo for France’s popular daily current affairs programme Quotidien so wholeheartedly embraced by the show. A huge electronic version of the logo has been built for the set, which displays video images across the seven bars of the Q logotype.

Quotidien_desk3_rudd_studio Quotidien_desk2_rudd_studio Quotidien_desk_rudd_studioSynonymous with the show’s famous roving interviews is the red microphone which prominently features the white logo, as seen here with Quotidien’s popular presenter Yann Barthès.

Quotidien_mic3_rudd_studio Quotidien_mic2_rudd_studio Quotidien_mic_rudd_studio

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